If you have lost teeth, Dr. Dennis Sevel and Dr. Jose Antonio Alfonso may recommend dental bridges to replace them and restore your smile. Bridges close the gaps caused by missing teeth, improving your appearance as well as your oral health and function. To set up an appointment with our dentists and learn more about dental bridges in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, call Las Olas Family Dental & Implant Center at 954-859-1199.


If you have lost a single tooth or several teeth in a row, we have a solution to bring back your confident smile: a dental bridge. This is like a permanent puzzle piece that fits right into your mouth. Picture it as a bridge that’s securely built, not something you can take in and out like dentures.

To make this bridge, we create two special caps, known as dental crowns, designed just for your teeth. These crowns act as strong anchors, placed on the teeth beside the empty space where your tooth used to be. They grip onto a false tooth, which fills in the gap and brings back your complete smile. With this setup, you won’t need to worry about your new tooth moving around or falling out. The bridge will be like a solid part of your mouth.

Getting this done won’t take much of your time. Just two trips to our practice, and your dental bridge will be all set. These bridges are built to last many years, ensuring your smile is both healthy and beautiful.

Why might our dentists suggest a dental bridge for you? Here are some great reasons:

  • Back to Normal: Bridges bring back your ability to talk, eat, and chew just like before.
  • Balancing Act: They help even out the force when you bite down, avoiding extra strain on your jaw.
  • Face Value: Bridges can help your face look more natural by keeping its shape and fullness.
  • No More Reminders: If you dislike removable partial dentures, bridges can replace those with a fixed solution.
  • Stay Put: Natural teeth tend to shift when there’s a gap. Bridges prevent that from happening.
  • Smile Upgrade: Bridges also make your smile shine, boosting its appearance.

We are here to guide you in deciding if a personalized dental bridge is the way to bring back your smile after losing a tooth. Get in touch with us today for more information – just give us a call or come by for a visit. Your confident smile is our priority.

Feel Confident In Your New Smile